Thursday, October 23, 2008

Farwell to Summer

The change of seasons has officially begun. The trees that were so green in the spring and summer have turned gold and orange and red. As much as I love the fall, I feel alive in the summer. I feel active and I embrace life more. So when it passes into memory, I feel a sort of grief. I say goodbye while I look anxiously toward the time when the leaves come out again in greens that seem too green to be true. When the water calls my name and shows off the diamonds it holds on its surface. While reading my Creating Keepsakes magazine, I ran across a section in the journaling section called "your words". It summed up how I feel on this chilly October day. I give credit to Jana Patterson who wrote it so very well.

"Today, we will skim across the clear blue surface as fast as we can to try and catch those last rays of summer, shimmering on the horizon. Today, we will swim like dolphins, even though the water has begun its yearly change to cold and dark. Today, we will jump and laugh, splash and act silly, for we can only do it this one last time....

Before we must smile at the sunset and say, 'Good-bye, old friend! It's been fun this year. We'll be waiting with jourous expectation until you come back to us and welcome us into your warmth once again!' "

This reminds me of our friends Terry and Stephenie who share their boat and lake with us during the summer. Of the long talks she and I have floating around while the boys solve the problems of the world. I think of this past summer when all the grandkids shared sand and sun with me. Where I got to be a child again, through their eyes.

I can hardly wait for next year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's A Start

I am always encouraged to write things down. As a teller of stories, I wonder if I can translate it to the written word. I titled my blog The Popcorn Thoughts of Mamajoe for a several reasons. It was a challenge to come up with a name. So many thoughts rushed through my head. Then I pondered tying in my favorite snack....Popcorn. Hmmm.....popcorn thoughts? Didn't want to put my given name on there. If my kids read this they don't call me Debbie. If my friends read this, they don't call me mom. But there is one name I go by and that is mamajoe. How did that name come about? That's a story for another blog. So there it is; my first blog on my first blog site. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the show.