Thursday, February 16, 2012


Twenty seven years ago I moved to Virginia with my husband and 3.5 children.  One would be born soon after our arrival...she traveled in comfort on our trip.  We had an opportunity to leave Mobile, Alabama to make a better life for ourselves.  At the time it meant more opportunity to be closer to my family (although it meant leaving my husband's family)....but it also meant moving to a climate with more than two seasons.  The summers in Mobile could be unbearable.  The winters were mild, but calling the season winter was a challenge. 

This winter, here in Virginia, feels the same.  I haven't had to put any short sleeve shirts away.  In fact, I just pulled a pair of capri's out of the dryer that I wore this past weekend.  Yes, it's been that warm.  I'm not saying I want so much snow I can't get out of my house, but I am missing the bite of winter.  The frost around the edges of things and the knowledge that alot of mosquito eggs have died a cold death.

I don't know how much I believe about global warming, but I know that our Virginia warm up is a bit of a let down this year.  Anyone know who I might talk to about a snowy landscape showing up before March?