Monday, September 26, 2011

It's not just a song.....

I am now 5 weeks out of the hospital and 5 weeks on meds for this crazy heart arrhythmia.
I am grateful.
I am alive.
I am dizzy.
Everyday starts off fine.  Like a normal day used to start. 
Eyes open.
Covers back.
Feet hit the floor.
Punch the coffee button (now for 1/2 caff.....fully leaded sends me over the edge)
Then breakfast....which has to be eaten so I can take my meds. 
Then within the hour....I am dizzy.
High.....but not the kind I remember from my teenage years.
And if being dizzy and lightheaded weren't enough, add exhaustion.  The kind that isn't normal.
The kind that doesn't come from a hard days work.
Or from exercising.
This exhaustion is draining.
It's also ridiculous.
I mean....I used to have to get into "princess mode" to take a nap.
I had to be on my left side, with the covers up to my chin...just right.
The fan on.
The room darkened.
Now, I'm lucky if I make it off my face so as not to smother myself. 
Then I wake up.  Drool covered and my face marked with indentations from whatever I fell asleep on.

Exercise is out of the question. 
It brings on skipped beats and more light headedness.

Yes, I am grateful they caught this thing and that it can be treated.
I am looking forward to the day the atrial ablation can be done and I can move forward in life to no meds and no skipped beats.
I am also believing that the only dizziness I will experience in the future is from spinning on a dance floor.
And the only skipped beats come when I see my husband walk into the room.