Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pink Party

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  Grace Pulpit

I have a sweet friend who gave me a book, a couple of years ago, that has propelled me to write whenever I can.  It inspires and encourages me....much like the giver of said book.  From the pages of like is a verb by Patti Digh, a chapter called "Choose your seatmates wisely" reminded me to look around and be thankful that I have chosen well.
By profession I am a hair stylist.  But one of my favorite places to be is behind a camera ~ looking through a tiny viewfinder. 
A friend recently asked me to consider coming to a Pink Party and taking pictures. She explained that this party was for her friend who had melanoma that had returned in another area of the body and that radiation and chemotherapy would begin soon.  Girlfriends decided to surprise her with a Pink Party and the gifts would be ones of comfort and help during her time in treatment.
I was honored to be asked and I could hardly say no! 

These women that our guest has developed friendships with over the years brought delicious food, awesome adult beverages and an abundance of hugs.  The guest of honor came with her 11 year old daughter, who understands that her mother has cancer, but not the severity of it.  She is the echo of her mothers looks.  As she stood in the midst of these women, she was surrounded by love. The friends wanted to blanket this young and innocent child with the same kind of comfort they were extending to her mom.  She received a huge basket of goodies that brought a giggle and a smile to her sweet face.
The courageous woman was seated within the bubble of genuine love her friends created.  Her own mother was there, near her daughter and a presence of the most unconditional love in the room.  Our battle friend opened gift after gift.  Pink nail polish, pink pajamas, soft luxourious pink towels to rise off with and a scrumptious pink blanket that looked like a cloud and smelled like heaven.  There were slippers and scarves, puzzle books and a Nook for more books.  Redeemable coupons that had meals and massages, funny quotes to make you smile, and the promise of a pajama party.

But in the end, the Pink Party of friends bearing gifts of comfort was not about the party at all. 
Or the gifts.
Or the food.
It was about the fact that our brave fighter has spent years choosing her seat mates wisely.  These were women who showed up for the beginning of the battle.  Who voluntarily linked their arms with hers to show her she is not alone ~
Not now.
Not at 3 am when the drugs running through her body wake her with nightmares or sweating. 
These seatmates are here for the duration.
I finished taking pictures that day.
With my last look through the viewfinder I
captured a hugging, crying knot of women.
Surrounding one woman.
Their focus on her.
If love and friends can change something,
then this woman is being transformed.


  1. I agree. So inspiring. Would have never thought of doing this. Such a great idea.

  2. "A friend in need, is a friend indeed..."

    As a childhood friend, it was an honor to be there and share our love, strength, peace, thoughts & prayers with our dear friend, her daughter, her mother & her other wonderful friends.

    Likewise, we were honored to have you take the time out of your day to capture these memories, Debbie. Your kindness & talent have not gone unnoticed...

  3. Your presence and unobtrusive manner of photographing the event were wonderful! Apparently, you are a woman of many talents and highly creative. Your writing of the event was touching! It was a pleasure meeting you! Dru

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Sure thing. Enjoyed being a part of it.