Monday, March 11, 2013

Portraits in Chalk

One week ago today we had a surprise snowstorm.  Because of a low pressure system shifting off the coast, this one was hard to predict and snow totals along with a changing rain/snow line became impossible to nail down. I knew one thing for sure!  I needed grand kids here if we had snow! I have one precious girl that lives with me so I asked for the two boy treasures to be able to spend the night.  They are old enough to enjoy the snow and sled with their older cousin. 

The snow fell through the night and when we awoke it was a winter wonderland.  A heavy snow had fallen and left at least six inches of snow and it was still coming down.  Everyone was off work so my sweet man put up a tent in the basement for the kids to have a fort.  And after card games and lunch we went sledding!  And by "we", I mean I watched, took pictures and cheered.  The day ended with shepherds pie, hot chocolate and a movie....just the way snow days should end.

Snow gave way to warmth and we found ourselves thawed out and warmed by 60+ temps.  With those kind of temperatures no one can stay off the golf courses or away from the grill.  Sunday rolled around and the gang showed up at my house.  Fat rolls of chalk came out their boxes and bikes that hadn't seen the light of day since fall rolled out of hibernation. 

The same driveway that had been shoveled into submission, found adults and children  drawing the simple chalk lines that would lead them into spring. 

Bricks that had been covered in snow just days before were now decorated with the colors of a robin's egg and the promise of long days in the sun. 
If my memories every leave me, I hope this weeks feast will be a memory that stays.

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