Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creative Power

Life has been getting in the way of my writing.  Oh...and summer.  Summer play, summer sun, summer fun....these too have been getting in the way of my writing.

It's not like I don't have ideas. 

I have ideas.  Great ideas.  But there has been so much to do. 


Pool time.

Boat time.  I love work.  Love my clients.  But it does require about 40 hours a week from me.

But I am on a quest.  A quest for inspiration.  A quest for time. 

So, I checked out all the books the library had on writing.  I hope I am not depriving another desperate writing soul on needing these books, but I had to grab them all.  Cling to them.  And hope for something to creep out of them and into me.

I am enjoying "If You Want To Write" by Brenda Ueland.  Written in 1938, her wisdom towers above the language of today and gets down to the nitty gritty. 

Chapter I ~  Everybody is Talented, Original and Has Something Important To Say
            How's that for inspiration

And a few other Chapter favorites ~

  • Sooner Strangle an Infant in Its Cradle Than Nurse Unacted Desires - William Blake
  • Why Women Who Do Too Much House-work Should Neglect It for Their Writing
  • Keep a Slovenly, Headlong, Impulsive, Honest Diary
I am feeling inspired. 

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