Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A bright spot in my day

After a long work day today where extra marital affairs and talk of Ferguson, MO filled the salon, I was beyond exhausted by the atrocities we commit against one another as humans.  Emotionally I was over it all and ready to pull the covers over my head.  But my hubby had other ideas and rescued me from even thinking about dinner.  He grabbed me, my daughter and granddaughter and took us to a steak house.  What a great idea, I thought. Starting Thursday, there will be a future of turkey dishes until the leftovers run out. 

During dinner, my ten year old granddaughter encouraged her mother to share office stories and hilarious incoming phone calls.  She cut up and laughed and brought humor to our little corner.  She reminded me of innocence and unfettered joy.  In fact, she just looked up at me from where she is reading and said...." We had a great laugh didn't we?"  May those type of memories stay with her when she older and remind her of how much she is loved.

Then we dropped by the bookstore where I looked for Christmas gifts and the new book, Small Victories by Anne Lamott.  My granddaughter found a new book series to read and raced to her mother....book in hand.....excitedly hoping that a purchase was in the near future.

Coming home she raced to her newest spot on the floor upstairs under the recently erected Christmas tree.  (Not my doings.....believe me).  This sight.....her full attention to the words and story being woven lightened the cares and stories of the world off my shoulders.  A reader, I thought.  I've got a reader in this grandchild.  My heart couldn't be happier!

Here's to words that weave a story and lighten the strings that tug us down!

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