Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Work vs Play

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  I get to share in the lives and loves of almost every person who sits in my chair and gets a hair cut or color.  It is rarely just about hair for the men or women who rest their weary bones and welcome the touch of my hands.  We may talk about  the newest style or color they hope for, although many just talk about their hopes and wishes and then stick with what they have been wearing for a while.  The conversation may start with the mundane issues of their lives, but eventually they reveal daring hopes, soaring dreams, and unraveling plans. 

I am given the gift of trust and I do not take it lightly.  I try and help them carry the burdens they share and if I feel I am not adequate, I point them in the direction I feel can suit the issue better.  I hear stories that have made me laugh and make me cry.  Making a salon within my home has created an area that allow people to feel at ease.  They know my family as well as I know theirs. Some folks have their hair done every four to six weeks....and some of these ladies have been with me for seventeen years.  Because of the frequent opportunities to get together, I see my clients more than I do my own family.  They are more than clients, they are friends.

But at the end of my days, I find little time to follow my passion of writing.  So this blog is a nod to my story telling.  And while work is getting in the way of my writing....relationships are an awesome trade off.  Here's to weekends and the time they afford me to play.

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