Thursday, November 27, 2014


I can actually say I'm thankful this Thanksgiving. 
Really thankful.
Dinner went off without a hitch and the food network taught us a new way to have turkey....dry baste!  
My husband and I did the kitchen ballet together and did it well. 
Out of the four children and nine grandchildren, we only had one child and one grandchild at the table.
And a pretty table it was! I set up a good bit of it last night and was pleased when my ten year old granddaughter oohed and aahed when she saw it! It was worth polishing the silver and pulling out the china!

The biggest surprise of the day came at the end of our meal together.
But the tryptophan has kicked in and I want to give the surprise the credit and words it is I will have to share tomorrow.

I hope whoever reads this today finds themselves loved peaceful and content.

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