Monday, November 17, 2014

Adult children

Our drive home today from Pittsburgh felt incredibly long.  It was as if we had hooked the cold front to the back of the car and pulled it along behind us, bringing rain, sleet and freezing temperatures across all the states we passed through.  After such a whirlwind weekend, it felt unusually quiet and calm.  No agendas were waiting to be fulfilled.

As much as I love my grandchildren, I was glad to spend one on one time with my oldest daughter once the children had been properly hugged, smooched and placed on the bus for school.  We talked without interruption over coffee while the sleet pinged against the glass windows.  I would have loved hours of this kind interaction.  I am always surprised to talk with the adult woman that she is when I still hold the little girl she was so close in my heart.  Now she is the  mother of three with another one expected to arrive in May.  Our conversation split it's time among the mundane parts of grown up life....bills, grocery lists and the joys of raising children. 
The warm fuzzies of the weekend and the stress free time together will carry me through the work week, but it will disappear all too soon.  "Life is the accumulation of memories." This weekend was a grand gem to add to the mountain of memories I hope to draw upon in the future.

May today bring new memories and opportunities to a few to you!

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  1. It's a strange dichotemy, isn't it, to look at the face of your grown daughter and see the child she once was. I'm often as blown away with the woman as I was the first time I saw her all those years ago.