Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 9 NaBloPoMo ~ Day 2 DC

I get that I am at the back half of my fifth decade on earth and that my body is not one of a younger woman.  All of that was made even more evident on the second day in DC  with my brother and his teenage girls.  My feet and hips hurt.  My back is wondering where the easy life went to.  And my brain is mush with all of the museum education I received.

Lessons I learned ~

  • Always make sure you grab everything you brought with you when leaving the Metro (especially your cell phone....sorry brother, I hope you figure out a way to get your contacts)
  • Tennis shoes are better for walking in than Danskos
  • Don't hydrate like you do at home where there is a readily available bathroom
  • The cafeteria at the American History Museum is good but expensive
  • Drunk people on the Metro are fun to watch 
  • Sometimes teenagers do know the answers (thanks to Isabella for getting us back on the blue line and back home)
  • My husband can make a delicious pork chop/mashed potato/broccoli dinner while I'm off running around Washington
  • My couch and Ibuprofen are two of my best friends
I do actually have an interesting post for tomorrow night that I look forward to sharing, but that will have to wait.  My pillow is calling and I must answer!


  1. My husband has never been to DC.
    My granddaughter and great granddaughter live in Gainesville, VA
    And now I find one of my new best friends is a tour guide!
    I see a trip in my future!

    1. Yes indeed. I stand at the ready and will serve at your request. Make a list of all you want to see. How fun that would be!