Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crafts and Craziness

My mother was quite the crafter.  She didn't always finish what she started, but her intentions were good and when she completed a project it was gorgeous and worth keeping.  I remember watching her sew as a child and then crochet blankets and scarves.  She took classes and learned how to paint on fabric which she either sold or gave as gifts.  I remember her gathering pictures and taking them to a class that was going to teach her how to decoupage.  A fancy name that enticed me into the arena of crafting. 

If it is true about right brained individuals being more creative by nature, then I believe the right hemisphere of my brain is proportionally bigger than my left.  When I can't be creative in some aspect, I feel as if my soul is drying up.  Pinterest has the same effect on my neurons as crack.  The great thing is that I actually try many of the Pins I pin and have success....for the most part. 

I am a hair stylist and that allows for a daily dose of creativity.  Color and shapes take my brain and hands on an adventure every day.  And I love the client that comes in with no preconceived notion and just lets me have full control.  There was a time when that would have scared me gray....but the day a client walked in and said, "short, kicky flicky, with blond, red and black" and I skipped to the color room with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, I knew I had matured and beaten the fear.

But away from the salon, I love doing a million creative things.  I love to photograph....people and landscapes.  The smallest of details do not escape my eye which can occasionally be a detriment if I am in a hurry.  I love to create new dishes to serve.  Every spring when its time to plant I love to create a space of peace on my back deck of old window frames and re-purposed pots.

My mom did teach me to crochet, but I found that I love the look of knitting  better.  So not to be deterred by the knit one, purl two references, I found a friend a friend with a great deal of patience and unlimited texting ability.  I find that knitting is quite relaxing when I'm not ripping it out and cussing a blue streak for the 40th time.  Today I am attempting to begin a baby blanket.  I'm finally on row 3 because I didn't cast on correctly the first 15 times...and that is not an exaggeration.  The head cold I woke up with this morning is not helping the situation...apparently you can't count correctly with a headache and a nose full of snot.  Luckily the baby isn't due until May and I don't think head colds can last that long! 

On to row 3......

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